Bar Stories and Memories

One of our favourite movies around here is Casablanca. There’s no denying that the film is a classic and some of its lines and moments are iconic. As former US President Obama once asked, “Who doesn’t love Casablanca?”
So every once in a while, the bar decides to host a sort of viewing party. We watch Casablanca with the regulars. Naturally, we make sure that there are plenty of drinks, the lighting is on-theme, and we’re watching the black and white version, not the colour re-release.

These parties can be awesome, and we’ve got a lot of great memories of these events. We decided to have our friends over at www.perthphotoboothwa.com.au present for these nights! I mean, something other than shoddy phone pictures have to be there to keep those memories, right?

One of our favourite moments was when Norm and Cassidy decided to go up to the piano. They re-enacted the scene where Sam ends up being talked into playing As Time Goes By. The dialogue was slurred by alcohol, but we were awed. We had no idea Norm could play the piano!

Apparently, neither did he!

Emily can quote any line from the movie perfectly. After a few shots, it’s actually quite amusing to hear her recite the lines along with the film in perfect coordination.

In one of our favourite moments – we even have a picture of it on a wall – three regulars reenacted the last scene. Dylan, Cole and their group did it using whatever was on-hand as props. The best part was that they were in full costume for it!

We had no idea Cole could so convincingly fake a fake French accent.

Then there was the time Brandon, dressed as Rick and doing a decent job at the accent, got on one knee and proposed to his long-time girlfriend Bea as the credits rolled. No one expected it, least of all Bea herself!


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