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Popular Bar Foods

In my years of running a bar, I’ve realised that very few people go for just the drinks. There are the ones who do that, but these are the individuals who are trying to forget something, even for a little while. Most people who go to a bar eat something while drinking.

Of course, once I figured that out, I needed to know. What are people more likely to enjoy eating when they’re at a bar?

Chips and salsa seem an excellent choice. The crunchiness of the chips paired with the flavours of the salsa makes for a great punch. It can complement a lot of drinks, though it might not be a good choice for some of the stronger options.

Nachos, similar to chips, are also a viable option. The difference is that it’s stuffed with cheese and beef, so it’s more filling. I know people who swear by nachos if they’re trying not to drink too much in one go.

I’ve also started serving grilled chicken sandwiches. I used to serve spicy wings, but as popular as they are, they’re messy. Grilled chicken also seems to go better with a lot more drinks than spicy wings do.

Roast nuts seem universal. They’re easy to prepare, cheap enough that you can refill them without much trouble, and expected. I’ve never met a regular who didn’t look for a platter of nuts to nibble on as soon as he sat down at the bar.

I’ve also found a lot of people enjoy their fish and chips. They’re popular, even among the few patrons I get who don’t do a lot of drinking. It helps that fish and chips are delicious, and they go well with most drinks.

I’m sure there are other foods out there that people enjoy in their bars. From what I’ve seen, these are the ones that show up the most at my place.

Bars and Pubs

The Best Cocktails to Try

What are the world’s best cocktails?

If you’re in a bar, you’re probably there to drink – or be designated driver. Let’s assume drinking is the primary purpose, though. Now, quite a bit of people like to keep their drink orders simple. Beer, wine, rum, and other things like it.

However, there are a few that want something a little different. They look into cocktails, just to tickle their taste buds a little.

Well, for those who are seeking to expand into cocktails, here are some suggestions. According to about 22,000 different people around the world, these are the best cocktails for people to try.

You could go with the daiquiri. Perhaps one of the most popular mixes, it relies on rum and a range of citrus fruits and sugar. This timeless cocktail has been used, drank, and referenced almost anywhere. It also breeds an image of being civilised, because it’s rarely ever associated with bar brawls.

Another choice is the very strong caipirinha. This Brazilian drink combines cachaca, sugar, and lime. Cachaca is a Brazilian rum, but with a greater intensity of flavours.

You could also go with a martini. Made famous by James Bond, it’s a combination of gin, vermouth, an olive, and some lemon. Here’s a fun fact: a martini should be stirred because shaking it ruins the flavour. James Bond keeps asking for the worse version of the cocktail!

The Bloody Mary is also pretty famous. With a touch of spice and tomato juice mixed with vodka, this is is something to try if you’re feeling adventurous.

First-timers might want to avoid the Long Island iced tea unless they’re feeling adventurous. Misnamed because it has no tea in it, you instead get tequila, vodka, triple sec, gin, and some light rum. It looks like iced tea, but it packs a strong punch that should be enjoyed slowly.

I like my White Russians. Vodka, a little cream, and coffee liqueur. A great combination that is pretty straightforward and enjoyable.

If your bartender is very talented, ask for a mojito. Rum, sugar, lime, sparkling water, and mint may not seem hard. However, poor bartenders tend to ruin the drink, getting all the flavours wrong. Of course, by the time you’ve had three or four, you stop caring about the quality.

Bars and Pubs

Drinking and Pizza: A Perfect Marriage or a Disaster?

They say there are three different kinds of people that drink.

The first one sleeps after feeling the buzz.

The second one goes into full emo mode and cries, then laughs, and then laughs while crying.

The third kind is definitely my favorite. The third drinker finds food.

If I get all of you in a single room right now and asks “Who wants food?” then I bet majority of you will be raising your hand.


Don’t worry. You are not weird. You are not a glutton and you aren’t just overreacting. As a matter of fact, looking for food after a couple of pints is the most natural reaction of all. Science has proven that people actually look for fatty food after they drink and it’s perfectly normal. Is it healthy? I guess my cardiologist will get a heart attack if he knew but your heart can never be any fuller (no pun intended) after a greasy after-drinking meal.


But what’s the best kind of food to eat after drinking? Well, you can go check a cosmopolitan article on what to eat after a hangover so we won’t be suggesting food like those. What I will be suggesting will be the stuff of nightmares for health freaks.

  1. Pizza – Oh, what perfect way to cap a drinking night than to have a pizza in front of you. The beauty of pizza lies in the fact that you can virtually make any kind of pizza as long as you are going to eat it. Heck, you can even get a pizza catering perth wa to take care of the pizza preparations for your next drinking party.
  2. Hamburgers – Not all burgers are created equal but most of them taste heavenly after a night of drinking. Not sure what it is but I bet it’s because of all the grease it has. Just don’t over indulge yourself or you might end up in a hospital.
  3. Chicken – Ah, chicken. The perfect finger food. Doesn’t have to be tasty as long as it keeps your hand and mouth busy.
  4. Chips – Nothing spells unhealthy more than chips.
Bars and Pubs

Great Ideas for Bars, Pubs, and Restaurants: Signages and Bathroom Gimmicks

For just about any pub, restaurant, hotel or bar, providing information to customers is important to make sure you are providing a good service. Signage can be used to provide a location to promote deals, food items and approaching events such as puzzle nights or special occasion celebrations.

Lots of pub signage, is the legal need with pubs, bars and restaurants obligated to providing information:

Publicans and restaurateurs and anywhere that markets alcohol have a legal obligation to provide certain information. The licensing take action is a good example and anywhere that provides alcohol has to provide a copy for both public and staff to see. Many people may notice these declarations inside pubic houses but once an establishment doesn’t have a licensing act sign chances are they are breaking the law.

To get bars selling drinks by the measure, such as draft beer, wine by the glass and mood from the optics, then weights and measures signage should be used which stipulates the exact amount of drink you are getting for the money.

Another legal accountability that has risen because the smoking ban is the advantages of no smoking signs. All establishments have to have a no smoking policy and obviously display a no smoking sign and heavy fees are issued for places that don’t abide legislation.

Other important signage should be used around a pub or hostelry too. Bathroom indications and fire exits need to be clear and not provide confusion while cigarette machines have to have age requirements plainly noticeable above.

But not all signage is officially required, and many symptoms in pubs would bring great benefits. All good bars and bars have to have a chalk board. Not only can you provide promotional information nevertheless they can display offers and current food special offers.

Another think you can look into is to get a bathroom gimmick. Renovation teams like the ones from can help you out. For some reasons, the bathroom can both be the most dreaded and most looked forward area in your bar.