Is a Bar Renovation Worth It?

Right. Sometimes, people ask me if renovating the bar was worth it. Considering that I paid for it and went through with the plan, I think the answer is pretty obvious. What people should ask, I think, is when a renovation would be worth it.


Now, I don’t speak for everybody with what I’m about to say. But when I was thinking about getting a renovation done, I had to put some serious thought into more than a few things. Hopefully, what I put a lot of thought into can help you figure if renovating your bar is the right move.


First, there’s the matter of money. Can you afford it?


It’s not just about whether or not you have the money to pay for it right now. As my friends over on thefinancialadvisorperth.com.au, it’s also about whether or not it can add value. If you can afford it, but it won’t add value, you may need to skip.


A renovation is an investment, you see. You’ll want to know if renovating now is worth the loss of income, and whether or not the remodel will help recoup your losses.


Another important consideration is the history of the bar.


Are you renovating because parts of the place used to be a restaurant? That changes the complexion of some details. Are you removing a part of the layout that’s important to the regulars? You could affect how comfortable people are that way.


Consider just how important anything in the bar is to the people who come there regularly. Moving an old jukebox around probably won’t matter much. If you move a well-worn booth that people have history and an emotional connection to – or even get rid of it – and you should reconsider.


How does the renovation affect the bar’s aesthetics?


Every good bar has its little theme, an intimate character or look that people associate with it. If you mess around with it too much, you lose touch with your regulars. You might draw a new crowd, but you’re not sure if they’re the group you want.


Certain people want or expect specific things in the décor of a bar. Bright colours and neon lights will draw in a different sort of clientele from more subdued browns and bright greens. Keep that in mind if your remodel is more aesthetic than practical.


Take time to look for areas that need renovation or remodelling.


Is there a leaking pipe that gets water all over a table or two? Is there an entire section of the bar that you prefer to keep empty because there’s a faint smell of rotten wood?


If you have any problem areas, they should be targets of a remodel. You’ll need to repair the first and clean out what makes them problematic, but a remodel should follow. Improving these can become important for the business in the long-term.


Those were my thoughts and areas of concern before I had the bar renovated. I think they’re general enough that anyone looking to renovate should consider them first.


Buy Fresh Fish: Buying, Storing and Healthy Benefits

Seafood is good for health, versatile, delicious and cooks in within minutes. So why are several people shying away from buying fresh fish online? There are some fun fish facts to take the secret out of seafood and to inspire you to incorporate the natural low-fat protein into your weekly meal plans.


Health Benefits

Fish and shellfish are great source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Fish is low in fat and contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is important as it helps process food for energy. They are essential for the functioning of the brain, eyes and nerves. Proof shows that omega 3 fatty acids minimize the risk of coronary heart disease.


Seasonal seafood

The harvesting of wild fish is regulated, in countries like the U.S and Canada. These countries have the maximum ecological standards for fisheries in the world. Rules have implemented to replenish the population of the fish and shellfish. It enables the fishermen to maintain a livelihood and protects the species from extinction so that people can enjoy salmon, halibut, crab and shrimp for years to come.

Two most popular fish, the salmon and halibut are introduced during the summer. The calendar differs of course by state, country and body of water. Your best bet to buy fish is to rely on a reputable online fish shop.


How to decide whether the fish is fresh or stale

– Looking at seafood through a glass case and pointing to see what people want is a hit or miss method when buying it, won’t help. A person will have to smell it, touch it and look at up close.

– When it comes to buying a whole fish, the eyes should be clean and bright. The skin should be shiny and moist with no marks.

– The flesh of the fish should be resilient

When it comes to buying seafood like fish from an online fish store, these are a couple of things that people will have to look into. The most convenient way of buying fish is from an online fish shop. It is easy as people who are working don’t have the time and there are those who don’t like going to the fish market. Speaking of buying fish online, considering Google reviews is the best. They have a range of fresh fish and meat products and will deliver the product on time. You can order your meat right away.


Top Five Tips to Consider for Beautiful Bay Shutters


There are a lot of people amongst us who have been living in the houses that were built/constructed during early times. Such houses are featured all around the world for their big bay windows. The contemporary designed homes also have such windows to give them an artistic look. A key benefit of these windows is that they project outwards from the main walls of your home giving it a spacious effect.

There are different types of bay windows from angled bay to multifaceted bay and bow windows. Each shape and design are unique in its own way. It is, therefore, essential to look for a window covering that will fit perfectly. Here are top five tips to use window shutters while dressing your beautiful bay:

Choose made to measure products: Using made to measure blinds provide a neat and tidy look to your house. These made to measure products includes blinds and other such ready to use materials to give your window bay an extra touch of luxury and appealing looks. Select from the varied blinds available in the market to enhance the beauty of your home.

Take expert’s assistance: It is better to take help from the local advisor about what should you opt for the beautiful windows of your house. Whether it is a blind, curtains or shutters. You can choose the best one from these three coverings that can add a touch of royalty to your house’s bay, bow and some corner windows. Coverings of all types can be customised according to the kind of windows constructed in your house.

Let lots of lovely light in: Whatever covering you use for the bay windows, make sure that the covering can be used in both the ways, i.e. it allows light to enter, and it can be utilised as a medium to enhance privacy. Already these windows are constructed in a house with an aim to allow maximum natural light to enter into your home. To add something graceful to it, look for lightweight rollers, pleated blinds or plantation shutters that create a lovely ambience by allowing sunlight to filter into your house gently.

Cozy up fully-lined fabrics: The bay windows are usually covered with glass as compared to standard windows. But, if you think that glass coverings will make your place a bit more chilled than you can consider adding cosiness to your house with the help of beautiful fully lined fabrics, i.e. curtains or blinds as they are ideal to keep your home insulated and also helps in keeping sufficient amount of heat within the room itself.

Select shutters for a striking effect: Shutters are all-time favourite coverings for the windows of a house apart from blinds and curtains. Most of the house owners prefer enhancing the appearance of their house by installing bay window shutters. They are customised and tailor-made to fit the available space. To get more light to enter your room, make sure that you use shutters with large louvres. But, if your bay windows face a busy street, consider using shutters with small levers.
Since bay windows are notoriously hard to dress, but the above-stated ideas will work for your house windows to a greater extent.

If you are living in East Sussex, then the wooden shutters for bay windows will be a perfect match because of the features it possesses. For instance- it provides privacy, light control, curb appeal, sophisticated style and other such things that won’t go out of style. Thus, the blinds, curtains and shutters can work wonders for your home, if given a proper style and appearance.



Bar Stories and Memories

One of our favourite movies around here is Casablanca. There’s no denying that the film is a classic and some of its lines and moments are iconic. As former US President Obama once asked, “Who doesn’t love Casablanca?”
So every once in a while, the bar decides to host a sort of viewing party. We watch Casablanca with the regulars. Naturally, we make sure that there are plenty of drinks, the lighting is on-theme, and we’re watching the black and white version, not the colour re-release.

These parties can be awesome, and we’ve got a lot of great memories of these events. We decided to have our friends over at www.perthphotoboothwa.com.au present for these nights! I mean, something other than shoddy phone pictures have to be there to keep those memories, right?

One of our favourite moments was when Norm and Cassidy decided to go up to the piano. They re-enacted the scene where Sam ends up being talked into playing As Time Goes By. The dialogue was slurred by alcohol, but we were awed. We had no idea Norm could play the piano!

Apparently, neither did he!

Emily can quote any line from the movie perfectly. After a few shots, it’s actually quite amusing to hear her recite the lines along with the film in perfect coordination.

In one of our favourite moments – we even have a picture of it on a wall – three regulars reenacted the last scene. Dylan, Cole and their group did it using whatever was on-hand as props. The best part was that they were in full costume for it!

We had no idea Cole could so convincingly fake a fake French accent.

Then there was the time Brandon, dressed as Rick and doing a decent job at the accent, got on one knee and proposed to his long-time girlfriend Bea as the credits rolled. No one expected it, least of all Bea herself!



How The World Tops Its Pizzas

Pizza is a curious thing. It is a kind of universal non-universal food. Anyone who has had it loves pizza, but no two people are exactly alike on what they want on their pizza. Some people like black olives, for which we will not judge you. Others vastly prefer just bread, tomato sauce, and cheese like a Neapolitan.

It makes sense that the pizza adapts to local tastes wherever it goes. Of course, that just makes you wonder as you stare at the slice in front of you. Just what do people from various places like to see on their pizza, and how different is it from what you think makes a good topping?

Before we go that far, I’d like to point out that pizzas don’t always need toppings. The Neapolitan style seems to rely on only cheese, tomato sauce, and some olive oil and basil. In some cases, it does away with the cheese entirely.

However, most of the world prefers more than just tomato sauce on a piecrust.

Now, personally, I like my ground beef and bacon strips. Slather on some barbeque sauce and I’ll call it good. Maybe some egg and ham instead of the sauce if I’m eating it for breakfast. Incidentally, that sounds pretty typical of Australian pizza preferences.

Costa Ricans tend to add coconut and shrimp to their pies. I’m personally not sure how the former works out. The latter is okay if you do it right, though. I like shrimp in my pizza.

If you prefer pizzas more like an American, that means you slather on many toppings. Pepperoni, extra cheese, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions are the most common additions. Some folks like to add even more, but I think that’s too many flavours happening all at once.

Green peas are popular additions in Brazil. What is up with that? Less odd choices include hard-boiled eggs, raisins, and corn.

The Japanese use eel and squid. Corn is also increasingly popular, for some reason not even my Japanese friends can explain. Teriyaki chicken is not unheard of, too. I’ve tried that last one, and it’s not going on my favourites list, but it’s not a bad choice.

The Greeks like their pizzas with feta cheese, oregano, green peppers, olives, and pepperoni. It’s a pretty simple setup, but one that’s surprisingly flavorful.

The Portuguese like sausages as toppings. You’re likely to find either chorizo, a Spanish sausage dish, or linquigica, a garlic-laden local recipe. Both are good.

In Russia, they serve pizza cold. They also use a local thing called mockba as their primary topping. I am told it is a combination of onions, mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, and red herring. For some reason, I keep thinking this is the sort of thing I’d expect from a nation surrounded by water, not Russia.

Finally, leave it to the French to have their pizza flair. They use bacon, onion, and fresh cream and slather it on top of a thin layer of dough as the crust. It is a unique take.