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Drinking and Pizza: A Perfect Marriage or a Disaster?

They say there are three different kinds of people that drink.

The first one sleeps after feeling the buzz.

The second one goes into full emo mode and cries, then laughs, and then laughs while crying.

The third kind is definitely my favorite. The third drinker finds food.

If I get all of you in a single room right now and asks “Who wants food?” then I bet majority of you will be raising your hand.


Don’t worry. You are not weird. You are not a glutton and you aren’t just overreacting. As a matter of fact, looking for food after a couple of pints is the most natural reaction of all. Science has proven that people actually look for fatty food after they drink and it’s perfectly normal. Is it healthy? I guess my cardiologist will get a heart attack if he knew but your heart can never be any fuller (no pun intended) after a greasy after-drinking meal.


But what’s the best kind of food to eat after drinking? Well, you can go check a cosmopolitan article on what to eat after a hangover so we won’t be suggesting food like those. What I will be suggesting will be the stuff of nightmares for health freaks.

  1. Pizza – Oh, what perfect way to cap a drinking night than to have a pizza in front of you. The beauty of pizza lies in the fact that you can virtually make any kind of pizza as long as you are going to eat it. Heck, you can even get a pizza catering perth wa to take care of the pizza preparations for your next drinking party.
  2. Hamburgers – Not all burgers are created equal but most of them taste heavenly after a night of drinking. Not sure what it is but I bet it’s because of all the grease it has. Just don’t over indulge yourself or you might end up in a hospital.
  3. Chicken – Ah, chicken. The perfect finger food. Doesn’t have to be tasty as long as it keeps your hand and mouth busy.
  4. Chips – Nothing spells unhealthy more than chips.

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