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Popular Bar Foods

In my years of running a bar, I’ve realised that very few people go for just the drinks. There are the ones who do that, but these are the individuals who are trying to forget something, even for a little while. Most people who go to a bar eat something while drinking.

Of course, once I figured that out, I needed to know. What are people more likely to enjoy eating when they’re at a bar?

Chips and salsa seem an excellent choice. The crunchiness of the chips paired with the flavours of the salsa makes for a great punch. It can complement a lot of drinks, though it might not be a good choice for some of the stronger options.

Nachos, similar to chips, are also a viable option. The difference is that it’s stuffed with cheese and beef, so it’s more filling. I know people who swear by nachos if they’re trying not to drink too much in one go.

I’ve also started serving grilled chicken sandwiches. I used to serve spicy wings, but as popular as they are, they’re messy. Grilled chicken also seems to go better with a lot more drinks than spicy wings do.

Roast nuts seem universal. They’re easy to prepare, cheap enough that you can refill them without much trouble, and expected. I’ve never met a regular who didn’t look for a platter of nuts to nibble on as soon as he sat down at the bar.

I’ve also found a lot of people enjoy their fish and chips. They’re popular, even among the few patrons I get who don’t do a lot of drinking. It helps that fish and chips are delicious, and they go well with most drinks.

I’m sure there are other foods out there that people enjoy in their bars. From what I’ve seen, these are the ones that show up the most at my place.

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