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The Best Cocktails to Try

What are the world’s best cocktails?

If you’re in a bar, you’re probably there to drink – or be designated driver. Let’s assume drinking is the primary purpose, though. Now, quite a bit of people like to keep their drink orders simple. Beer, wine, rum, and other things like it.

However, there are a few that want something a little different. They look into cocktails, just to tickle their taste buds a little.

Well, for those who are seeking to expand into cocktails, here are some suggestions. According to about 22,000 different people around the world, these are the best cocktails for people to try.

You could go with the daiquiri. Perhaps one of the most popular mixes, it relies on rum and a range of citrus fruits and sugar. This timeless cocktail has been used, drank, and referenced almost anywhere. It also breeds an image of being civilised, because it’s rarely ever associated with bar brawls.

Another choice is the very strong caipirinha. This Brazilian drink combines cachaca, sugar, and lime. Cachaca is a Brazilian rum, but with a greater intensity of flavours.

You could also go with a martini. Made famous by James Bond, it’s a combination of gin, vermouth, an olive, and some lemon. Here’s a fun fact: a martini should be stirred because shaking it ruins the flavour. James Bond keeps asking for the worse version of the cocktail!

The Bloody Mary is also pretty famous. With a touch of spice and tomato juice mixed with vodka, this is is something to try if you’re feeling adventurous.

First-timers might want to avoid the Long Island iced tea unless they’re feeling adventurous. Misnamed because it has no tea in it, you instead get tequila, vodka, triple sec, gin, and some light rum. It looks like iced tea, but it packs a strong punch that should be enjoyed slowly.

I like my White Russians. Vodka, a little cream, and coffee liqueur. A great combination that is pretty straightforward and enjoyable.

If your bartender is very talented, ask for a mojito. Rum, sugar, lime, sparkling water, and mint may not seem hard. However, poor bartenders tend to ruin the drink, getting all the flavours wrong. Of course, by the time you’ve had three or four, you stop caring about the quality.

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