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As a kid, I have been surrounded by real gentlemen.

Real gentlemen who enjoyed bourbon.

My grandfather always said that bourbon is the drink specially made for people like us – real men.


Growing up, I promised myself that I will live the life the same way my grandfather and father did – as real men.

So when opportunity presented itself, in the form of a local bar closing down – I grabbed the opportunity right away. I talked to the building owner and asked if it’s still possible to open a bar there. I explained to him the stuff I will be doing in the bar and he was really happy. Turns out, he was a man of taste himself and was excited with my preposition.

Chappy’s (named after my grandfather) Bourbon Bar is open from 9am til the wee hours of the morning everyday. We not only serve bourbon but a variety of other spirits for our patrons. You can also check our food menu and try out our specialty dishes ranging from Nuka Cola Frog Legs (spicy frog legs marinated in cola) and Popeye’s Delight (Crispy Spinach covered with our special “Nautical” batter).


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